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The Summer Poetry

everything about my summer dream

In slumber's embrace, my mind takes flight, Between the realms of dark and light, Asleep, I wander in dreams untold,

In a realm of wonder, a world of gold.

Awake, I greet the sun's warm kiss, Embracing reality's gentle bliss,

Yet echoes of dreams, in whispers near, Summer's reverie, still vivid and clear.

In the land of sleep, I roam free,

Visions of summer, a symphony,

Fields of sunflowers, skies so blue,

A canvas of dreams, where hopes renew.

The breeze caresses, whispers sweet,

In dreams, the summer's fragrance fleet, Twinkling stars and moon's soft gleam,

A tranquil haven, in every dream.

As dawn unfolds, and day takes flight, Summer dreams linger in soft twilight, Between asleep and awake, I find,

Memories of summer, eternally kind.

In slumber's realm and waking's glow, Summer dreams weave a gentle flow,

A tapestry of joy, a heartfelt seam,

Asleep or awake, in a summer dream.


by Peilan

In the canvas of the indigo night,

A lone celestial gem, aglow in flight,

A sapphire ember in heavens afar,

A radiant beacon, the enigmatic blue star.

In the velvet cloak of the twilight sky,

A ballet of stars begins to fly,

Amongst the constellations' grand memoirs,

A celestial rarity, pink stars, adores.

In the velvety cloak of the night's embrace,

Where the heavens unfold their cosmic grace,

A myriad of stars, in the vast expanse,

Twinkle and dance in a celestial dance.

In the garden of night, 'neath the moon's soft gleam,

A silvery blossom, a celestial dream,

Petals spun of silver, glistening bright,

In the quiet embrace of the mystical night.

In the meadow's quiet, 'neath the azure sky,

A silver butterfly, on wings that fly,

Adorned in hues of the moon's soft gleam,

A celestial dance, a luminous dream.

In the garden's haven, under twilight's gleam,

Resides a wonder, a silver bean's dream,

Its pods, a glistening silver sheen,

A celestial creation, rarely seen.

Upon the canvas of the midnight sky,

A cosmic ballet, a spectacle so high,

Meteor shower, a celestial dance,

In trails of stardust, they enchant and entrance.

In the realm where dreams take flight,

Lies a heart unbound, a pure delight,

Untethered and wild, it roams the vast,

In boundless oceans, through futures cast.

In the tapestry of life, an infinite bond,

Unseen by eyes, in depths beyond.

A connection profound, a tie that's true,

Binding hearts in a celestial hue.

In the garden where moonlight spills,

A place where serenity quietly instills,

Beneath the cloak of the pale moon's glow,

A white moonlight garden begins to show.

In the pond where lilies sway,

Resides a girl where dreams hold sway,

Her spirit akin to a water lily's grace,

A vision of beauty in a tranquil space.

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