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Upon the canvas of the midnight sky,

A cosmic ballet, a spectacle so high,

Meteor shower, a celestial dance,

In trails of stardust, they enchant and entrance.


In the quiet expanse of the nocturnal dome,

Meteors streak, leaving trails to roam,

A symphony of light in the velvet deep,

Their fiery descent, a celestial leap.


They paint arcs of wonder in the heavens' embrace,

Shooting stars that traverse time and space,

Whispers of dreams in each fiery streak,

A celestial wonder, an awe we seek.


In the meteor shower's ethereal flight,

A celestial magic, a cosmic delight,

Wishes whispered in the midnight's glow,

As shooting stars gracefully bestow.


Oh, meteor shower, in your brilliant flight,

A celestial ballet, a cosmic rite,

In your fleeting blaze, dreams ignite,

A celestial wonder in the tranquil night.




composition & care


*titanium steel

*avoid perfume and soda

*keep dry



*one size


return & refund

*we have a 'no returns' policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info

Meteor Shower Earrings

SKU: EG-03
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