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A free heart beats with rhythms rare,

In melodies of life, it dares to share,

Embracing joys in every hue,

In laughter's echo and skies of blue.


It wanders trails, unmarked, untraced,

In whispers of winds and spaces graced,

Unfolding tales with open embrace,

In moments of love and nature's grace.


This heart, unchained from worldly weight,

Dances in freedom, defies the gate,

It seeks the truth in every part,

A beacon of light, a free heart's art.


With courage, it soars, in flights untamed,

In hopes, in passions, in dreams unnamed,

It paints the world with a vibrant stroke,

A free heart's anthem, a spirit bespoke.


Oh, free heart, in your boundless flight,

A symphony of freedom, pure and bright,

In your liberation, life finds its start,

A testament to the soul's free heart.




composition & care


*titanium steel

*avoid perfume and soda

*keep dry



*one size


return & refund

*we have a 'no returns' policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info



Free Heart Earrings

SKU: EG-15
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