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In the garden where moonlight spills,
A place where serenity quietly instills,
Beneath the cloak of the pale moon's glow,
A white moonlight garden begins to show.


Paths of glistening, shimmering white,
Guide the way through the tranquil night,
Moonbeams dance on each leaf and vine,
A celestial garden, so divine.


Beneath the night sky's gentle hue,
In the white moonlight's soothing view,
Nature's beauty in its purest grace,
A garden of peace in this sacred space.


In this ethereal garden, whispers of peace,
A haven where troubled hearts find release,
Underneath the moon's soft gleam,
The white moonlight garden, a heavenly dream.




composition & care

*titanium steel

*cat's eye stone

*avoid perfume

*water wash is available



*one size but adjustable


return & refund

*we have a 'no returns' policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info

White Moonlight Garden Necklace

SKU: NK-07
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