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In the meadow's quiet, 'neath the azure sky,

A silver butterfly, on wings that fly,

Adorned in hues of the moon's soft gleam,

A celestial dance, a luminous dream.


Its wings, a canvas of silver sheen,

A shimmering sight, so serene,

In delicate flutter, it takes to the air,

A graceful ballet, beyond compare.


With elegance, it pirouettes in flight,

A celestial envoy, a wondrous sight,

In whispered whispers of zephyrs light,

It paints the heavens, in softest white.


A creature of dreams, in the daylight's blush,

A symbol of hope, in the morning's hush,

Its delicate wings, in the sun's embrace,

Reflecting the beauty of celestial grace.


Oh, silver butterfly, in your ethereal flight,

A beacon of wonder, in day and night,

With grace, you dance in the morning's glow,

A celestial treasure, in flight you show.




composition & care

*solid silver

*diamond (glass)

*avoid perfume

*water wash is allowed



*one size but adjustable


return & refund

*we have a 'no returns' policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info

Silver Butterfly Ring

SKU: RG-16
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