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In the pond where lilies sway,
Resides a girl where dreams hold sway,
Her spirit akin to a water lily's grace,
A vision of beauty in a tranquil space.


She moves like petals in gentle dance,
A water lily's elegance in every glance,
Sublime and serene in nature's embrace,
A portrait of poise and tranquil grace.


With eyes that mirror the pond's clear view,
Reflecting depths of the sky's soft hue,
Her laughter ripples like gentle waves,
A melody of joy in the quiet glades.


Her spirit, akin to the water's flow,
In tranquil depths, secrets aglow,
Graceful as lilies that bloom in mist,
A water lily girl, in beauty kissed.


In her presence, a sense of peace,
Like ripples that in the waters release,
A tranquil soul in nature's swirl,
The essence of a water lily girl.




composition & care


*titanium steel


*avoid perfume and soda

*keep dry



*one size


return & refund

*we have a 'no returns' policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info

Water Lily Girl Necklace

SKU: NK-05
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