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In the velvet cloak of the twilight sky,

A ballet of stars begins to fly,

Amongst the constellations' grand memoirs,

A celestial rarity, pink stars, adores.


Their rosy glow, a gentle hue,

A celestial chorus, fresh and new,

Amidst the cosmic dance they grace,

A pink-hued luminescence, an ethereal embrace.


With whispers soft as twilight's blush,

These stars in pink, a celestial rush,

A balletic pirouette in the cosmic expanse,

A stellar spectacle, a mesmerizing trance.


Each twinkle paints the evening's tale,

A pink star's glow, beyond the veil,

Guiding dreams in the night's embrace,

A celestial allure, a magical trace.


Oh, pink stars, in the heavens' flight,

A breathtaking vision in the twilight,

With grace and beauty, you adorn afar,

We're enchanted by your celestial avatar.




composition & care

*solid silver

*pink gemstone (glass)

*avoid perfume

*water wash is allowed



*one size but adjustable


return & refund

*we have a 'no returns' policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info

Pink Stars Ring

SKU: RG-08
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