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Since graduation, you have been working non-stop. After 5 years, you finally realized that your body and mind have reached their limit, and you need to get a break. So you quit your job overnight, pack your backpack, buy a plane ticket, and embark on a journey to Iceland —— it will be a journey between you and yourself. On the 10th night of your arrival in Iceland, you saw the unforgettable aurora in the cold night sky, which was cold but full of power. You glanced at the Azure Polaris ring on your right index finger, and tonight it shines brighter than ever.  Hope and energy come back to you at that moment —— you never lost them, they just hid temporarily behind the clouds.


composition & care

*s925 silver

*blue gemstone (glass)

*electroplated copper

*avoid perfume

*water wash is allowed



*one size but adjustable 


return & refund

*we have a ‘no returns’ policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info


Azure Polaris Silver Ring

SKU: RG-03
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