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Three years after graduating from university, by chance, you and your university crush met again. But because the time was too short, you decided to meet in a bar on weekends.  
On that Saturday night, you put on the little dress that you bought after saving two months' salary, wear exquisite makeup, and put on this necklace, as the sunlight however appeared at midnight, dazzling but restrained. 
When you walked into the bar where you made an appointment with her, you both looked at each other and smiled, knowing that another brand new love story is about to start from this moment.


composition & care


*titanium steel

*s925 silver


*avoid perfume and soda

*keep dry



*one size with extra adjustable chain


return & refund

*we have a ‘no returns’ policy

*please refer to Shipping & Returns for more info

Midnight Sunlight Necklace

SKU: NK-04
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